Advanced Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

Here are some pretty impressive things you can do with Paint Shop Pro. It is a cheap but versatile painting program.

Painting Lips
A lovely inspirational walk through

Correcting Snow Photographs
Some cameras just cannot cope with snow, but Paint Shop Pro can.

Glass Button effect
A nice looking button for websites

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Effects
Take a look at the finished butterfly

Gradient Fills
A tasteful goldfish tutorial using gradient fills

Fire Effect
A cool tutorial for making hot fires in PSP.

Creating great planets with PSP

Pseudo Solarising
A little more control than is provided by the 'solarise' button can be had with this quick tutorial.

PSP Icon effect
We are not sure exactly what an Icon effect is, but we like it.

Watercolour effect
Creating Watercolours from photographs

Text Effects
A whole load of simple text effects

Pop Art in Paint Shop Pro
This is actually a photoshop tutorial, but you should get the general idea.

PSP Line Art Tutorial
A very well made and funny tutorial