Draw a Cartoon Christmas Tree

Here is a Christmas Tree drawn on a computer. If you want to drawn your own tree just like it, follow the instructions below.



Well, this looks very cool, but it is actually very easy to create.

The christmas tree itself is just made up of four blobby shapes which have been filled in with a 'gradient'. A gradient is a smooth change from one colour to another. My tree blobs start out green on the left and end up white on the right. The snow on the trees go from blue in the bottom left of each blob to very light blue top right.

Paint Shop Pro is the software I used.

Most computer art programs (except 'microsoft paint' that comes free with Windows) have a gradient fill option.

Here is an example of a box with a gradient fill. As you can see there is a smooth transition between Blue in one corner and yellow in the opposite corner.


The shape of the blobs is not particularly important, so long as they get smaller as you go up the tree. Start from the bottom, because otherwise the overlapping of layers looks odd. Then to finish it all off, the stars and baubles were added using the Paint Shop Pro's inbuilt 'stamp' tool.