How to draw a Cartoon Worm

There are over 3000 different kinds of earthworm in the world. Most of them are just a few centimetres long. The biggest grows twice as tall as a man!

I decided to paint this worm on the computer using the 'rubber stamp' tool. Almost all painting programs have a rubber stamp which allows you to repeat an image on the page just by moving the mouse around.

We will go into that in detail in a minute, but first the eyes...


Place them on a LAYER, not the background, because we are going to put the worms body below them

Now using the rubber stamp on a layer below the eyes, find a stamp that looks like a chocolate button. There will be a setting called 'step' and if you set this to "1" and draw a worm shape...


You get this.


The rubber stamp I used has produced thousands of copies of the chocolate button all very close to each other to make a tube.

The body is a lumpy blob called the clitellum about where you might imagine a head would be.

Finally I added a mouth and placed an apple on a new layer behind the worm.

Its not great art... Its not even great cartooning, but the computer's rubber stamp is a great tool for quick and easy images. Why not send in your own pictures showing how you used the rubber stamp?