How to draw a Cartoon Sheep

Sheep should not look intelligent. If your sheep looks stupid, then you have succeeded. If your sheep looks REALLY stupid, the most stupid of all your cartoon animals then you are an artist!

Let's start with a pair of eyes



Now add a curve for the face, a small curve for the nose and a line for the mouth.

sheeps head


A pair of ears at silly angles and a mop of wooly hair.

complete head

The body is a lumpy blop about twice the size of the head. Notice that at the bottom of the body are a couple lumps where i will attach the legs.


The legs are simple sticks with a slight bend near the top.

sheep with legs

The back legs are the same as the front legs, but a little bit shorter. I added a little blob for a tail.

black and white sheep

Finally a bit of colouring in and your sheep is finished.

finished sheep