How to draw a Cartoon Pig

Pigs are lots of fun and quite intelligent creatures.

Let's start our cartoon pig drawing with a pair of eyes and a nose made up of an upside down heart shape with two nostrils.

Add a line joining the nose and the bottom of both eyes and a curve which will be the edge of the snout.

draw a cow

Now add a curve for the head and a mouth at the bottom

cartoon cow


Next a pair of ears start to give a pig-like appearance


Extend the back about the same width as the head. Draw your first foot very lightly with a pencil because you will probably need to rub it out and make it shorter, longer, thinner or thicker once you have added the others

Take some time to add the feet and body.

A pair of eyebrows and a bit of paint and my pig is ready to go off and have some piggy adventures.

I hope you enjoyed this tuorial. Have fun and keep on drawing!