How to draw a Cartoon Penguin


penguins clipart

I like drawing penguins.

This is my easy penguin method which I hope you will like too.

Here is a video, and below there are also step by step drawings.

Penguins are really easy to draw.


Step by step instructions:

Start your penguin off with an egg shape for his belly.

penguin body oval shape

Next add a body around it which is a shape like this. Practice this shape a few times until you are happy with it, then move on.

Now we need to add a head which is roughly egg shaped again. As you can see I have added a few strands of hair, but that is not strictly necessary.

penguin's feet

I couldn't be bothered with trying to draw webbed feet and claws, so I just added a couple of oval shapes to represent the feet. See, cartoons needn't be difficult.

penguin's beak

My penguin's beak is made up of two small orange triangles placed together in a kite shape.

penguin cartoon eyes

Big white eyes make your penguin look younger. Smaller eyes can make cartoons seem evil. This would be useful if you were doing a whole strip with lots of cartoon penguins. Some could have big eyes and others could have smaller eyes.

finished cartoon penguin

Younger children might want a black and white penguin clip art image to color in, so I have made one of those as well. Just click on the small image below for a larger version to print out.

colour in penguin