How to draw a Cartoon Lion


How to Draw a Cartoon Lion

This simple lion uses similar proportions to the cartoon bear on this website.

lion outline

Start with five elipses as shown above.Then colour them in.

cartoon lion head

You can see the shape of the Lion's head clearly now although it doesn't look much like a lion yet. Let's add features...

lions face details

I added eyes, nose and mouth in black... Then I rubbed it all out and started again from step 2 This time i coloured my lion in better colour than grey and I drew the eyes as rounded rather than slits.

lions head completed

And then added white highlights to the eyes and nose.

The final step was to add an orange mane and suddenly we have a cartoon lion.

Now lets not stop just yet. Why not add some 'hair' and play around with the proportions to see if we can improve things. We can also add shading. After a bit of mucking around we could end up with dozens of individual lions.

There is a New Cartoon Lion that I think is much better.

Good luck and keep drawing!