How to draw cartoon hair

I used to hate drawing hair.

Then I looked at Charles Schultz, who was once the world's most famous cartoonists. he drew the legendary Charlie brown and Snoopy Cartoons. Mr Schultz got round the whole hair problem by just drawing a squiggle to represent Charlie Brown's hair.

charlie brown's hair

Well if you can get away with that, I figured I could get away with simple hair ideas too.

Here is a simple cartoon face with ears.

simple cartoon face with no hair

To add curly hair I started by adding four overlapping circles to form a fringe which I coloured dark brown.

curly fringe cartoon

Next I added more circles, all the same size around the sides, but since this hair was to be behind the ears, I didn't colour over any of the face, but let the pink skin mask out the hair.

curly hair cartoon

All together there were 20 circles to make up the curly hair. To make spiky hair I did the same, but with gold stars instead of circles.

star fringe

10 gold stars all placed randomly on top of each other made up the fringe.

cartoon hair from stars

Another 30 stars and my little character has got a full head of spiky hair. Why not see what you can use to make cartoon hair easy to draw?

Take a look at other cartoons and see what shapes they use to make hair.

Best wishes

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