How to draw a Cartoon Giraffe

Here's how to draw a simple giraffe. Eyes are two simple ovals and the mouth and nostrils are contained in an oval about 4 times as big as the eyes.

elephant eyes are a pair of oval shapes

Add sides to the face and a cloud shape at the top where the 'hair' will be.

adding a trunk and ear

Add a wide pair of ears and the ossicones (the two horn-like bony lumps on a giraffes head) which are just ovals on short sticks.

I have added a body that is much too small, but this isn't a problem. As long as you add a nice long neck everyone will know it is a giraffe.

eric is almost complete

Finally add a little colour to your cartoon giraffe and he looks pretty finished. Real giraffes have long eyelashes, so your cartoon will probably be much better than mine if you add some eyelashes yourself.

a finished cartoon elephant

Good luck and keep drawing!