How to draw a Cartoon face

I have been drawing cartoon faces for many years now.

I stick to a simple method which seems to work for me.

Here is an example cartoon face. I don't know why I gave this chap a viking helmet, although he looks pretty pleased with it.

He started out as a doodle in a sketch pad.

You can hopefully see from the original sketch that I started by drawing three rough circles. The bottom circle became the chin, the middle circle became cheeks and the top circle became the head.

This image shows the three circles more clearly.

Now look closely at where the eyes sit. Thats right, I put them in the space where the top two circles overlap each other.

Now look at our Viking's top lip. That sits on the bottom edge of the middle circle.

Once the eyes and mouth are in place, everything else (the nose, ears, hair and helmet) just drop in where there is space.