How to draw a Cartoon Elephant


I have been drawing this cartoon elephant for a long time now and he has developed his own personality. Here's how to draw Eric the elephant.

elephant eyes are a pair of oval shapes

Start with oval eyes

adding a trunk and ear

Add a rough trunk, forehead and ear. Make sure the ear overlaps the forehead at the top.

half an elephant

The Body is pretty much a simple square with the front leg directly beneath the front of the ear.

eric is almost complete

Add in the other two legs and it all comes together. Wrinkles on the trunk help to give eric a bit of character, as does a big smile. Also notice the extra line inside the ear which adds depth.

a finished cartoon elephant

Finished, but I am a little dissappointed. Eric's toes are much too big on this drawing and the tail could do with some tassles ... Arghh! I forgot to add his eyebrows too. So, give it a go and see if you can do better yourself.


Good luck and keep drawing!