How to draw a Cartoon Chimpanzee

A chimp is one of the easiest and most fun primates to draw

It is great fun to draw a chimpanzee. Let's start with an elipse and two circles for the head and eyes.

draw a cow

Next add a large elipse for the light area around the nose and mouth.

Then add a line to seperate the eyes from the rest of the head and put pupils in the eyes.

And add a mouth and nostrils and of course a big pair of ears and there is your chimpanzee.

Colour your chimp with a dark shade for the fur and a lighter shade for the ears and face.

I have been a bit boring and gone for brown, but you can choose any colour you like. Purple chimps always look fun. I remember a cartoon called the great grape ape which had a purple gorilla in it.

Best wishes and keep drawing!