How to draw a Cartoon Cat

A cat like Sid here is very easy to draw

Look closely at his face and you will see it is made up of circles.

Draw your circles lightly with a pencil then thicken them up when you are happy that they are all roughly the right size.

Find round or oval objects to draw round to make it easier. Now add the fangs, fur and ears with a thick black marker and then the whiskers and ears which can be 'cut out' with correcting fluid or a white pencil. The collar is just a thick line in a different colour marker.

It is a lot easier to do this on computer, where you can get the contrast between black and white bits really clear.

If you don't have access to a computer then here is a professional cartoonists tip for making your hand drawn cartoons look amazing. DRAW BIG. Draw your cartoons on large sheets of paper and then when you have finished, photocopy them at half the size, so the photocopies are 50% smaller than the original. The photocopied drawings will look twice as good as the first. Try it and you will be pleased with your drawings.