How to draw a Cartoon Reindeer


Drawing a cartoon reindeer is not too difficult.

Use a soft pencil and sketch lightly. Animal shapes are best when you keep your wrist loose and draw with a soft tough at the beginning.

The overall shape of the deer's head is made of two overlapping circles joined together. The eyes sit where the two join. The ears are at the same level as the eyes.

The nose is a third circle and sits below the eyes.

Make the deer's rump bigger than the head. I think I put the deer's back end a bit too close to the head. Next time I would draw him with a slightly longer body.

The only difficult bit is the shape of the back leg. The little bend is important to get right so sketch softly and once you have a line that looks right, rub out all the wrong ones.

You could make the nose a bit bigger and red for Rudolf if you want. Dont forget to add a little tail.