Cartoon Proportions

Proportions in Cartoons

I sometimes get asked how big a character should be? Should a man be 2 times bigger than a boy or 5 times bigger? How big is a head compared to a body?

Well just take a few minutes looking at different cartoons and you will see there are no rules. Go with whatever works for you.

The picture below shows a set of easy proportions to start you off.

relative proportions

For kids try a body about the same height as the head, and for an adult try a body twice the height of the head. If you choose nice simple proportions like this it will be easy to remain consistent throughout a comic strip.

The same proportions can work well with animals too. Young animals tend to have proportionately bigger heads than adults.

Thake a look at this cartoon sheep for example.

Good luck and keep drawing!

brent windsor