How to draw a Cartoon Lion


How to Draw a Cartoon Lion (advanced)


I have never been totally happy with the simple cartoon lion on this site so I decided to show you a better one. As you will see this chap is spendid and surprisingly easy to draw. So, lets start drawing a lion.


Stat with an eye made of a small elipse inside a larger one. The smaller should be flled in with black ink.

two eyes

A second eye is placed next to it. The black pupils can pint in any direction you want but if they point in different directions you will probably end up with lenny the cross-eyed lion.

eyes and cheeks

Now two more ovals below the lion's eyes make the cheeks. They should touch each other in the middle


Next Ifilled in a nose and mouth with simple black rounded shapes. The whiskers really make the fact look cat like. Real cats have los of whiskers but 3 or four on each cheek seems about right for a cartoon lion. Don't make the whiskers too long. I also added eyelids to make a sleepy lion but this is optional.


This next oval defines the face shape. Keep closer to the face that you might initially want to. All that is left to do is to add the mane and ears.


The mane is basically an egg shape with some jagged areas to represent the hair. The ears are C and D shapes with again some jagged bits nearest the head to show where the mane is. And suddenly we have a cartoon lion.

He doesn't look particularly fierce does he? A cuddly lion! Try to draw one yourself.