Create 3D Animations for free


This is more advanced than the rest of the content on this site, but here is some great news I wanted to share with you. You can get a really good 3d animation program for free.

It is called trueSpace 3 and it delivers features normally only found in high-end 3D packages costing thousands.

It took me a few months to get to grips with all the tools but there are lots of free web tutorials about truespace all over the internet. Just do a google search for 'truespace tutorials'.

You can download trueSpace 3 from the cagliari website and look at examples of animations made by other artists.

Who knows? You could go on to make animated movies, or create 3d models to sell to other animators.

Here is a quick church interior I did this morning. I need to change the floor and add some detail on the far wall beneath the window. maybe I could also add pews and a lectern?


If you enjoy cartooning, then I think you may find 3D animation to be lots of fun too.


News update: Google is now giving away a really easy 3d drawing programme called Google Sketchup It is really easy to use and allows you to build 3d models that can then be viewed in Google Earth